Monday, 14 November 2011

Good News!

I managed to get onto the downstairs PC. This won't survive me getting a job. I'll have to save up for some shiny keyboard-laden thingy then. For now, though, all is passable. Right, I promised you photographs, and those you shall have! The super-fuel-a-ma-jig is almost complete. That brings to mind that I don't have a name for it. Well, Imperial vehicles are usually named after Greco-Roman mythological (e.g. Medua) and historical (e.g. Crassus) sources, so I suppose I shall have to think of something in that line. That said, I welcome suggestions! Anyway, onto the real tofu (I'll keep making that joke until someone kills me) of this post.

I applied some plasticard to the sides to represent armour plating, and riveted the whole kit and caboodle. Lots and lots of rivets adorn this beauty. I fastened up the back, which was a bit sloppy. It looks a bit better now, although somewhat Orky. The wee grey hinges on the side hatches come from a Baneblade, I think. The Red Bull can was a bit narrow for the body of the vehicle, so I added some strips of plasticard until it sat snugly, then superglued it in place. Fitting the plasticard cover onto the can was such a bother that I almost gave up and decided to go with a bit of drainpipe I had sitting in a drawer. What? Doesn't everyone keep some drainpipe in a drawer for making toys? In the end, with the help of some superglue gel and a fair old whack of Greenstuff, I managed to secure the thing in place. I have just realised that I will need to perforate the can somewhere out of wight, lest the coming winter make it contract and go all nasty. I shall try to avoid poking battle damage into visible bits, because I intend to give it a special rule that will see it explode in Apocalypse battles like one of those superheavies that goes critical - Warhound Titans, perhaps.

I took some strips of foil (drinking nice whiskey is its own reward, but it offers some incidental benefits to the modeller), and some car body repair mesh, gluing them to the can in semblance of securing strips, and then applied some more rivets.I went looking in a drawer in another room, and found a lot more Lego, which is handy! I then glued several more heads/wheels into place. I took one of those Lego computer screen bricks, chopped half of it away, and coated the remnants in plasticard, giving me something to attach a Heavy Flamer to for the gunner. It did occur to me to wonder whether it was a good idea to have a lot of fuel and a fiery weapon in the same place, until I recalled that the Imperium, if ever it heard of Health & Safety, is surely far beyond it now. I strongly suspect it's heretical, so fiery weapons near fuel dumps might even be a Munitorum requirement! Then I glued in place grab handles for the hatches, and I added a little armoured viewport for the driver, and realised I had left the vehicle shockingly undergunned for a super. It was never my intention to make this a death-spitting demon of battle, but a single weapon seemed a little underwhelming. One Heavy Bolter later and she's as well-armed as a Chimaera. That will do!

What remains is to find a handle-a-ma-jig for the pintle-Heavy Bolter, then get to work making sure the tracks look delightful.Here are the pics, folks. Fingers crossed my next post will see her complete.

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