Wednesday, 16 November 2011


She's finished! In modelling terms, that is. I'm about to take her outside and undercoat her. Then I shall return and put pen to paper as regards her statistics. I have some vague ideas, as I have mentioned: she isn't your typical superheavy, as she's a fuel-tanker, but for that selfsame reason, she has the potential to be quite amusing in an Apocalypse game. Who doesn't love a massive explosion? If you're waving a hand, you at the back, then I submit you're not a fan of Apocalypse, anyway. ;-) Here she is completed and prior to painting. The tracks are undetailed as they will later be caked with mud, so detailing would be superfluous.


  1. Can we get some size comparison shots! it looks great though, the detail on the sides looks really good... the only problem is it highlights the lack of detail on the tracks (I'de have made these wider myself, but lego heads constrain you there anyway! lol!)

  2. Absolutely, old boy. I'll take a few as soon as she comes in. The slightly cold day is holding her drying time back somewhat. There are some size comparison shots with the incomplete vehicle here for the time being (the base of the Germans is a tuppenny bit: The hull is about 50.5mm wide (the bit between the tracks, I mean). I would have widened the tracks, but - as you say - the constraints of Lego stand in the way! In addition, for some reason the Malcador only has the same tracks as a Russ or Chimera. I have found a load more Lego heads in some drawers (attached to bodies, I hasten to add!), so I might be able to double them up and produce broader tracks.


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