Saturday, 5 November 2011

Painting and modelling

Are both going on, but pictures are a bit tricky right now. I hope to put some up over the next few days. I have two projects currently in hand. First, I have been painting about fifty Germans for my 28mm WWI forces, about sixteen of which are almost complete (except for the bases). Second, I have finally got back to doing some work on 40K stuff. Even more shockingly, I am not merely finishing off some old piece of work, but have begun work on something new: a superheavy support vehicle. It's more of a background fluff thing, as you can imagine. I do mean to do another couple of similar chassis, though, which I might give some guns to! Aside from that, I've been cataloguing old videos, and have nearly bloody finished. I decided a while ago it didn't make sense to have all these bits and bobs sitting about untidily.

Mum's been quite pleased, too, as I've binned about forty tapes that have died in various ways down the years. She's always keen when she can persuade the rest of us - hoarders all - to bin some of this rubbish we keep about! Funnily enough, as I type this I am watching an episode of Have I Got News For You (S28E06, 26 November, 2004), in which has just been mentioned the demise of the VCR - that it would no longer be sold in Dixons. Marcus Brigstocke has just remarked that the revelation of Boris Johnson's affair with Petronella Wyatt would probably signal the end of his political career. Two episodes before, Jane Leeves had mentioned the ham-fisted Austrian Oak's attempt to seduce her: "Come back to my trailer. No-one need know." David Blunkett's indiscretions also turned up. Mm. I was reading just the other day that Herman Cain's poll ratings have improved since he was accused of sexual harassment, with a lot of Republican voters buying into it all being a liberal smear. That narrative is a bit hard to square with the Cain campaign's claim that the Perry campaign is behind the leak. The Perry campaign, of course, has blamed the Romney campaign. Politicians.

Anyway, it's amusing to watch all these old comedies and satires. We've also recorded a wealth of documentaries over the years. I found one Open University production that would cost £140 if I were to buy it new. Our recording's LP, not SP, though, so maybe I could knock the price down to £100 if I decide to pop it on Ebay! Until next time, dear readers, when I hope to have some pictures to show you.

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