Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Back with chocolate ice-cream!

I have just had one of the nicest ice-creams I can recall ever eating. I intend to sing its praises to you. I popped into my local healthfood shop. Tomorrow night I'm off to Scotland for a wedding, so I wanted some supplies. The lady in there drew my attention to this new range they had, and then praised it to high heaven, remarking on its creaminess, its excellent texture and its gorgeous taste. Naturally, I was intrigued, and bought a little tub of Bessant and Drury's chocolate ice-cream (website: ). It's in a prettily designed little tub for individual consumption, but you can get larger ones! There's even a nifty little spoon hidden under the card top that sits in the lip of the plastic lid. I cannot recall the last time I got to eat an ice-cream with a tiny plastic spoonlet; I can't have been more than fifteen!

Anyway, the ice-cream is coconut-based, and that does make it simply gorgeously creamy. If you like coconut, even just a little, get this delicious manna from Heaven! Because it's made from coconut milk, the manufacturers have dodged the use of soya. The lady in the shop was saying how useful it is for parents of children with lots of allergies, since the most widely available vegan ice-cream in the UK is Swedish Glace ( ), which uses soya - no good for folks who are allergic to it! So they've had three or four children in with their parents buying them the little tubs this week. Lucky kids, I say! I enjoyed it so much I even ended up dipping my finger into the tub to get all the melted stuff I'd missed! In short, go and get this ice-cream if you're vegan, allergic to soya or, quite frankly, you have working taste-buds. You will love it.

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