Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Board of gaming

Last time grammar, this time spelling - am I not a regular laugh riot? Oh. OK. Well, anyway, this time I display the beginnings of a board designed for gaming. I have ordered a spot more plasticard, and mean to have in total 4 boards of 18" square. The mesh is indefatigable. The new plasticard is en route, but for the time-being, the 0.5mm plasticard here displayed is all I have to, ah reveal. By the time I am done, I fancy that a board of 36" by 36" (plus whatever additional corridors and whatnot) will be more than enough for games of 40K, Zone Mortalis, Space Hulk or Hunk or Hunt or Sexy Hunk or whatever! ;-) For the time being, take a gander at the 18" by 18" board I have been working on tonight.

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