Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Terrain: Generator

See, that colon makes that title make sense. Remove the colon and it's quite different in meaning! I have got pretty close to finishing off all the terrain for Space Hunt, well, er, for the time being, because I have run low on plasticard and need some more. I'll tell you what's addictive: making Space Hunt terrain! I have an 18" by 18" board I'm working on in the next room, and I'm almost certainly going to add another few like it! Addictive! Anyway, for now I've got the regular bits of plasticard flooring laid out with the generator and some wall pieces. The 1.5"-wide floor pieces are a little too thin for gaming to be practical with a wall on either side, but with 3"-wide corridors it starts getting more reasonable. Enjoy the pics. I hope to have some computers with informative displays up for you next time.

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