Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Normal service will resume shortly

I've been exceptionally busy these last few days. Most of the things I was selling on Ebay sold, and so I spent most of Sunday and Monday making boxes for stuff. For some reason I don't have a vast stock of prefabricated boxes for shipping around two Leman Russ chassis. Madness, I know! I posted twenty-something parcels today. I don't know how happy they were to see me in the Post Office. Because of yesterday's Bank Holiday they had had a really busy morning, and I helped mess up their afternoon, too. The new Royal Mail prices took me a bit by surprise: most of my international parcels cost more to post than I had charged in postage! Oops!

If any of my buyers are reading this, wondering why I haven't added a tracking number to your order yet, I probably would have, if I'd been able to get to the good PC. I managed about ten earlier, so I am still waiting for it to be free for me to add the remaining half. That said, a couple of folk only sent the money today, so I literally haven't had time and the necessary (good) computer access (this machine is zooming into obsolescence) to do it. I've got an appointment at the dentist's tomorrow, but I will make that "post things in three working days after receipt of funds" limit Ebay has for all my orders!

I've managed to do a little painting and modelling, but haven't had a chance to post anything on here. I'm happy to say that I managed to finish the Plasma Generator, and I'm progressing well with some new walls. I might do a little set-up of a table for my next post. I need to pop along to a GW at some point and pick up some Genestealers to use as the nasties. After I'd wrapped everything up last night I fished out all the old episodes of The Outer Limits that I taped back in the '90s, and watched The Refuge ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Refuge_(The_Outer_Limits) ), which was fun, if I was a bit befuddled by the concept that causing water to freeze at higher temperatures would crash the temperature of the globe. Surely, if water freezes at ten Celsius, say, then it won't chill you to touch it like it would if you touched ice at zero Celsius. Whatever! One shouldn't get hung up on that sort of detail! I had a nice feeling of nostalgia.

Speaking of nostalgia, I've watched quite a bit of Space: Above and Beyond this week, and been very pleased. There's a commentary by a load of the original folks on the first (feature length) episode and a documentary about the series, in the latter of which actress Kristen Cloke, I believe, reminisces about how dangerously close the show came to being funny by being so very bombastic. Perhaps in America it only came dangerously close, because I spent the whole of the pilot laughing my socks off. The impending conquest of Earth by aliens has never been so funny. The commentary track added a whole additional layer of comedy to it.

There is a scene in which Colonel T. C. McQueen enters a room to brief some green pilots, and flings a table across the room, saying he wants nothing between him and them, so he can look into their eyes. The scene already made me chuckle, but finding out that it was based on something an American sports coach did made it even funnier. So if you see that boxed set while you're peregrinating about the internet, pick it up. It's well worth your time, whether you chuckle at bombastic military melodrama or you simply enjoy folk angrily declaring martial phrases. Alumni of my secondary school will be surprised that the first three notes of the epic and stirring theme song match almost perfectly our (awful) old school song. Au revoir for now, folks!

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