Saturday, 5 May 2012

Big walls and little walls, and so ad infinitum!

I have been continuing my work on the walls for "Space Hunt", and it's been going pretty well. I had completed a load of large walls, and so decided I needed one or two wee ones. Needless to say, I got carried away! In total I have seven long walls (9" by 1.5") that are giant background fuel/oxygen/whatever pipes, six long walls (of the same dimensions) that have computer access points, little bits of decoration and all that, thirteen (!) small walls (3" by 1.5") and four doorways. I think I might stop at six doorways, but I am quite keen on the idea of ensuring they all have semi-transparent viewslits (or something along those lines). Please note that the flash has rather wonkified these colours and that on all the small pieces and some of the large ones, I've pretty much just hit the pipes with an initial layer of one of the yellow Foundation paints. They will receive more attention! Now, if you fancy a model tank, then check out this listing of the stuff I am ebaying. There is less than a day to go, folks. Anyway, check out this impressive array of walls if you don't fancy it. Man, I say the dumbest things sometimes! "Impressive array of walls"? Heck, I have to laugh!

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