Monday, 21 May 2012

Gaming Board: Part 3 and some rabbits

The board is done, and I'm getting on nicely with some walls to create corridors for warring in. I've popped a lot of transfers on the walls to embellish them prettily. It's always good to have some nice numerals stencilled all over things, and some wee words on computer screens. Most are numerals and words, but a few are humorous: I've a few crazy faces to suggest mad computers, and some crazy messages to imply the same. "Kill! Kill! Kill!" and "DAVE". Heh! In closing, there are a few pictures of the wild bunnies in the back garden and our own dear Spot.


  1. Cute Bunnies :) Great yard, must be nice to have the wild animals visit

    1. Aye, it's lovely to come back of an evening and be able to see the little fellows out there. Although we're a bit worried at the moment, as there's been a case of myxomatosis reported locally, so we've suspended Spot's wild dandelion ration for the time being.


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