Friday, 4 May 2012

Giant wall-mounted fans and why we love them

That's giant in the scale sense of giant. I don't live on a film set or a run-down industrial base or in Nakatomi Plaza, so giant fans play no part whatsoever in my daily life. I just wanted to make that clear so nobody would feel let down or upset later on. Moving on, I think anyone who has been watching this blog lately will be familiar with the fact that I have slaughtered a laptop and dissected its carcase for parts. I've only been using keys so far, as they are just right for depicting scale computer screens, but every laptop, no matter how decrepit, has a cooling fan. So I coaxed this from its erstwhile haunt and relocated it to a wee box on one of these walls I've been making for "Space Hunt" as I have taken to labelling this terrain I have been making of late. Anyway, I assembled a box in which to mount the fan, but wanted to have a covering over the fan. I made that from more plasticard and some car body repair mesh. Whether this will be glued in place remains to be seen. There is no point in having a ludicrous ventilation fan on your wall if nobody can see it! I might select a less obvious covering. Watch this space, folks! I also have a couple more walls awaiting painting, as you can see below, and some little nuggets of pre-painting goodness I shall show off next time.


  1. Fantastic - I've always wanted to build myself a 3D "Space Hunt" game, but never gotten around to it.

    1. Cheers! It's been surprisingly easy. I've had all these wee bits all over the place for years in some cases. Then I just thought the other week, "Yes!" And now it's all slid together really quickly.


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