Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Another day closer to death! Heh, it should be a nice day. I have nothing special planned. Some friends, I mentioned yesterday, came over at the weekend, as weekday birthdays are insufferable to arrange. M&J and N&B got me some nice presents. Tomorrow I am going to a friend's Halloween party, but today I have no special plans. I may have a game of Star Fleet with my brother, and we shall certainly sit down and watch a spot of telly. He's bought me the second season of the delightful American sitcom Community, and I slept through last night's University Challenge, so he's sure to have recorded it for me. I've been early to bed and early to rise of late, but health, wealth and wisdom remain shockingly elusive. Cheerio for now, folks!


  1. Well Happy Birthday Peter. Whatever you do I hope you enjoy the day.


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