Thursday, 18 October 2012

Star Fleet: Romulans decloaking!

A couple of PIP shots of some nice little fellas from the Romulan fleet sent for my approaching birthday by my good friend in South Korea. I shall hold off gaming with them until a bit closer to the date, otherwise it'd be going against the spirit of birthday presents. However, I am enjoying painting the little things. The bird emblems on the lower hulls are engraved, so not terrifyingly challenging as I had feared before seeing the models in the flesh. They should all be done in a few days, fingers crossed, but for now here's where they stand. Pictured are the contents of the Romulan Squadron box from Mongoose, containing a Condor-class Dreadnought (the big lad), a KR Heavy Cruiser (surplus Klingon D6 sold on to the Romulans and fiddled with a bit), then a War Eagle Cruiser and a Battle Hawk, with a SkyHawk Destroyer being the wee thingy beneath the rebadged Klingon vessel. Assembly was no trouble at all with most of these models, as all the Romulans are single-piece. The Klingon ship necessitated the usual gluing of one's fingers to the hull, frustrated curse-words and excessive Greenstuff application that is by now a sure sign that I am assembling something which connects to something else along a 1-2mm thick strip. Still, it hasn't fallen apart since assembly, so I'm either getting better or 50% of the model is now GS! Once I have finished the painting, I'll try to get some pictures taken in my primitive light box. It's hiding atop a bookshelf, as is so often the way with things one wants.

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