Monday, 22 October 2012

Star Fleet: Ships not for the Line of Battle - Part 2!

Given the number of views that the first part got, I think people will enjoy this collection of new unusual vessels I've knocked up from bits of scrap for Star Fleet games. Even though the Star Fleet Universe explicitly excludes the Borg, I see no reason not to knock up a wee Cube for a fun game. I forgot to photograph it before coating it with plasticard, but it was originally a small Rubik's Cube, which attached to a keychain. I found it up in the attic a little while ago and decided that a cube was perfect for converting into a Cube. Yes. The smaller ships are largely from bits and pieces left over from the GW Apocalypse HQ sprue, and a with a bit of plasticard and GS thrown in for good measure. They aren't the most beautiful ships in the world, but they're only meant to represent a few freighters. I have consciously styled their warp engines after Romulan ones, but I shan't feel compelled to abide by those implications. The bits of Eldar HQ sprue look rather nice in this scale, and I'll be presenting their final form in a future post. Also coming to a blog post near you in the immediate future should be some shots of these little fellas painted up. I am still not sure what the long spiky ship is going to be - well, a freighter, of course, but it's still a little too messy to paint. I might slap some weird bits on it for colour, as it were. Anyway, here are the pictures.

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