Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Star Fleet: Ships not for the Line of Battle

As most of you are aware, the term battleship is derived from Line of Battle Ship, one of the heavy warships that would be engaged in fleet actions during the age of sail. Subsequently, of course, the term evolved, and as I write this is effectively obsolete except as part of historical terminology. Only the USN possesses such a "modern" battleship, as aircraft carriers have taken the place formerly occupied by such behemoths. But it is not small warships that I wish to exhibit for your delight and delectation today, but a few freighters and a space station. I knocked these up thinking that they will prove handy to have for scenarios. 40K players may recognise some bits and pieces of these ships, especially the engines, which are snaffled from the back end of the old IG HK Missile (the short, squat, Russian-themed one, not the older slender one). I have a load of these from my numerous IG vehicle purchases, and some more freighters in unfinished bits and pieces, so given a few days I could probably create a huge convoy to be harried across the table. I may add some decals to these some day, naming companies, but for now they're done.

As well as these, I finished some shuttles a few weeks ago, and I believe I never got round to putting them up here. So they're up first. I mean to have a few more battles of Star Fleet this week, and come the end of October, compel some friends to visit me for a big game of this and squeeze in some of that Artemis PC game I've mentioned before. Anyway, here's what I have been up to of late.

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