Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Star Fleet: Federation and Romulan reinforcements!

I may have mentioned that my birthday is approaching toward the end of the month. I'm going to put any money I receive toward some more Star Fleet doodahs, but since they would only arrive after the day, I'm ordering them in advance. Some would say this spoils the idea of birthdays. I am not that someone! Wayland Games have a considerable discount, but only stock a limited range. The discount is so signal that I am crossing my fingers that these are the discontinued resin miniatures. That package has yet to arrive. I have received my small order from Mongoose themselves, a Manta Ray-class New Fast Cruiser for the Feds and for the Romulans a King Eagle Cruiser. This is not the opponent in the renowned episode Balance of Terror, which is the rather cheaper War Eagle, but this ship is pretty close to a Constitution-class in points terms, so might make for a fairer fight! For once a Federation ship went together without complaining too much, and the Romulan is another sigh-of-contentment-inducing single-piece model. Here's how they look prior to undercoating. The Lexington is to give some idea of how they compare in size to other models.

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