Sunday, 21 October 2012

Star Fleet Terrain: Nebulae

A really simple little thing here, guys. I grabbed some 2mm thick plasticard to use as the basis of the nebulae. I cut it into appropriately wavy-edged shapes, and undercoated it grey. Then I hit it with a coat of gloss black, spattered some drips of white over it and then dusted red or green spraypaint over the rest in order to simulate the appearance of a nebula. I just touched up the edges where the black paint hadn't taken, and Bob's your uncle! USS Lexington shows the size of these pieces.


  1. They look fantastic, just like what you would see in the series. Can't wait to see them on the table. Really making me itch to do a space game, even if I don't want to get into another system.

  2. Cheers, dwez! Kindly comments, indeed! I just need to knock up a green hand to grab the Enterprise now, and I can play an Apollo scenario. ;-) I am having some mates over this weekend, so I hope to play a game then with a few players either side.


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