Friday, 5 October 2012

Star Fleet: Terrain Instructions - it's only a Christmas Moon!

Want enough moons or asteroids for your battlefield? To the Christmas decorations depository, Terrainman! First, get your Christmas baubles. Then prepare some bases for them. I mainly used to hot glue gun to secure bits of bamboo skewer to some bases. Next use the hot glue gun to secure your baubles to the ends of the skewers. Since the baubles are hollow, the skewers are about 3" long. Get some sand and some PVA glue, and probably a bit of newspaper to limit the mess. Go over the baubles with glue and sand a few times, and finish off with a dilute layer of PVA to fasten everything together. Then grab some black paint and undercoat your moons and bases. Then drybrush progressively lighter shades of grey onto your moons. Tidy up any untidy bits, and Bob's your uncle! If you want, you can use other colours, such as browns and reds to evoke an iron-rich planetoid. But for this article I just wanted to get a lot of moons to tabletop standard as quickly as possible. Here you go, folks. Cheap as anything, this - unless someone objects at Christmastime!

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