Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mushroom Pesto

I am quite the fan of mushrooms and garlic and pesto. So when I heard rumours of a mushroom pesto recipe out there, I went a-looking. I mainly ran into ones with parsley, and I had thyme, but it turned out delicious, so I'm quite happy! The quantity I made probably serves probably four or five folk. In a word, the remainder is in the fridge waiting for the next time I fancy some pasta. And the next few times after that!


1. Mushrooms
2. Garlic
3. Fresh thyme
4. Cashews

5. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
6. Dark soy sauce
7. Fresh ground black pepper
8. Onion
9. Porcini mushrooms
10. Red wine vinegar


1. Pop Porcini mushrooms in some boiling water and leave for 10 minutes or so.
2. Then pop some pasta on to boil (wait a few minutes if you're using regular rather than wholewheat).
3. Chop onion and mushrooms (I think I used about 150-200g/5-7oz of mushrooms, with Shiitake, Chestnut, Portobello and large flat white, but whatever you have), then fry with a teaspoon of normal olive oil.
4. Crush garlic (I used half a bulb, but I do love garlic) and tear some thyme (as much as you like – I half murdered my plant). Pop them in a mixing jug with the cashews (I used about 50g/2oz), 10ml/2tsp of the red wine vinegar, and 60ml (4tbs) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
5. Add 10ml/2tsp of the soy sauce to the frying mushrooms, grind some pepper into the pan, too, and add the Porcinis and most of their stock (remember that the very dregs will be gritty).
6. Keep cooking until the mushrooms and the pasta are nicely done. Then drain the pasta and add the cooked mushrooms to the mixing jug with the other ingredients in. Swoosh it all up with a food processor and then mix into the pasta. Savour the mushroominess!

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