Sunday, 17 April 2011

Dreaming of Dinosaurs

I was away this weekend, having an awesome time with friends. Here's a dream I had on Friday night.

I was looking at my brother's collection of manga novels (which doesn't exist; I'd been looking at my friends' collection that evening), and was disappointed to see, as I stood up, that they had used Tommy Lee Jones to voice a character who looked exactly like Tommy Lee Jones in the animated film version of one of these books. Then i was with him and a couple of other guys on a train. All shiny metal and so forth. We had to break out the back doors because there were zombies or killers on the train. So we got out, jumped out the back and ran about forty feet from the train. Then the train's jet engines started up, and were covering us with smoke, dust and giant dustbunnies. The train and track (and perforce we) were in a huge metal tunnel because something outside was dangerous. But we found a gap, and escaped out into a snow-covered landscape.

One of us jumped onto a wall and saw some buildings at the foot of the hill we were atop. So we hastened down the hill, wondering what had made the giant hand and footprints that vaguely resembled those of a human, but were about six-foot long. We got to the bottom and realised there was a townlet or a collection of buildings. Two of the guys went off to look at the other side of the street, while I and another fella inspected our side, seeing our train (which looked just like an old-fashioned steam train) and several others in a metal-barred shed. Then a woman drove up and warned us that we were in danger and we should come with her. Collecting our two friends, we followed her back to her base, where a group of her people had been attacked by an invisible mutant tyrannosaur which was still there. No-one knew where, so I fired a few random shots with a long-range rifle I had (it looked like an M-16 with and extra M-16 barrel on the original's barrel) at the wall, about twelve feet up. It didn't appear, but a mark of blood did. I'd hit the beast, yet it remained invisible.

So I fired again until I exhausted my clip (four or five shots in all), then ran off, chased by the invisible dinosaur. I was going to hide in some toilets, but was certain that a juvenile mutant tyrannosaur was in there, waiting to pounce on me. Instead I kept running, and a visible juvenile jumped down on me. The two small arms of the original dinosaur had mutated so that they connected and formed the greater part of a circle, coloured yellow, connecting the dino's shoulders and going behind its head. I tore one off, and it became visible. Despite the fact that it was already visible. Anyway, the big beastie corned me, and spoke to me telepathically after I yanked one of its arms off, rendering it visible. I responded with words, and persuaded it to hold off on eating me. We went over to an advanced transportation system which aliens had abandoned years ago. It was about the size of one of those swinging pirate ship you get at funfairs. I got in with the dinosaur and the leader from earlier. Someone behind us ran off, pulling a red-haired woman (from The Fifth Element?) behind him/her, afraid that the transportation system was going to fail. With the dinosaur distracted, I was able to disconnect my plasma pistol's energy cell, and somehow jab it into the dinosaur and drain it all at once. I knew it only had a charge of 450 somethings, and that I'd need 600-ish somethings to kill the beastie in a prolonged firefight, but I banked on having enough time to get away afore it awoke again.

Then I woke up.


  1. Thankee, Christine! :-)

    I've had crazier dreams, but they tend to be less coherent.


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