Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ooh, a hundred posts!

It's now a hundred and two, as I wasn't paying any attention. Still, let's celebrate the passing of this arbitrary base 10 milestone with, uh, something! A cheer! Huzzah! There we go.

I popped out and had a brief sunbathe this morning, as the weather is what everyone calls gorgeous. Why sunbathe if I implicitly disagree? I need sunlight for its medicinal properties, silly. I have been restricting my online presence in an as-yet-unsuccessful attempt to get some writing done. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be the day I pull it off! I have got a little more done on the Chimaera, pretty much finishing the turret. I have been finding it difficult to get anything done, though. I've been letting myself get distracted all day. Subconsciously avoiding the writing? Maybe. Subconsciously avoiding stuff is one of my great - great? Lame, you mean - skills. I never was any good at it, as avoiding stuff in a great way surely means not letting your failure to do it drive you bonkers! I just haven't been in the right frame of mind to write. Right, write? Yes, I think that proves my point. My English has gone into hibernation. Nor have I been reading books these last few days. Bad things both, and I shan't let either continue.

I also need a shave - Lord, is there anything I'm not doing wrong? :-D Seriously, though, it isn't the end of the world, and I know it, yet I feel fine! Thank you, REM. Everything is still fuzzy right now. I want to get a job, but I'm still recovering. Something sedentary would be a sensible choice after having sat about for two months (so far!), but working in an office is right out unless they don't keep them heated like ovens these days. I assume they haven't changed the basic nature of humanity in the last half-decade, and so I am driven away from that. Plus, in about a month I would need a week off for this charity thing I'm doing. In short, conflicting desires and possibilities are leaving me a bit muddled.

I do have some concrete plans: the aforementioned charity doodah, going to visit friends in north Wales, then south Wales, have people round here for a barbecue, since the weather's "great", keep working on all these wee models, and in the long term lose a shedload of weight and so on, and so on. In a word, although it might sound as though I'm getting downbeat with failing to accomplish this, that and the other, I know I will get it all done, and that I can't expect to get it all done with a snap of the fingers. I'm not Julie Andrews. Although my Cockney accent would make even Dick Van Dyke wince! Until next time, Bat-fans. Same Bat-place. Same Bat-channel! Keep the Shark-Repellant Bat-Spray handy, kids!

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