Monday, 4 April 2011

Lascannon emplacements and the HWC

Or Heavy Weapons Company, if you will. I believe the Datasheet is available on GW's website for this Apocalypse formation. My download predates the new codex, referring to Senior Officers and so on, rather than today's PCS and CCS. Anyway, the Lascannon emplacements (see last entry for the prototype) have now been based en masse.


They have been undercoated in yellow and green, and are drying outside. Once complete, they will be added to the HWC, which is already a ridiculous size.


The above board is two feet long on either side. It holds both 31 assorted Stormtroopers and 10 Ratlings as well as the HWC, which consists of the following. Oh, to make sure you know, a team is two models with one Heavy Weapon. A Squad is three Teams.

CCS: Lieutenant, 4 Grenade Launchers (option to replace a GL with a Regt. Std.)
Lascannon: 5 Squads/15 Teams (the emplacements constitute a further 12 Teams)
Autocannon: 5 Teams (a 6th may be AWOL)
Heavy Bolter: 2 Teams (a third may be AWOL)
Mortar: 11 Teams (a twelfth may be AWOL)
Missile Launcher: 9 Squads/27 Teams
Multilaser: 1 Squad/3 Teams

If someone objects to Multilasers, which are not Codex-legal, in a game of Apocalypse, they are probably a bit funny in the head! So there we are: another vastness of troops who are not quite ready, and will not be for some time.

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