Monday, 11 April 2011

Rambling update

The turret of the Hellhammer and the whole of the stretched Chimaera are drying from their undercoat. If I haven't finished them by Wednesday night, they'll have to wait until Sunday night, as come Thursday I'm off to see friends in the wonderful world of Wales. I'm very much looking forward to that, so no apologies to the AFVs! I was looking through some old military modelling magazines, and found an article by a former Centurion crewman, which I'm going to pop up on at some point. There's a chap there named Mac who's a big armour fan, especially when it comes to the Centurion, unless my memory's gone wonky. Mm, I just considered the possibility of a stretched Baneblade. Nurse, get the pills; the patient's off his rocker!

So I slept most of today. About twelve hours or so, plus a three hour gap when I woke up and stumbled around a bit, getting nothing much done. I missed the rain, except for pulling closed my window when I heard it spattering all over Blue Platoon of the Guard. I'm low on space, so Red and Blue Platoons are protecting the window from Chaotic incursions. Or something like that. The Heavy Weapons Company is doing the same job of protecting the bookcase on my right. Medals all round, as I haven't seen a single daemon ever since they took up their posts.

On the downer side of things, last night I dropped and broke a pint glass I got at a local beer festival last year. I blame the fact that it contained about a quarter of a pint of orange juice and that I dropped it on a blanket. It would have been happier with beer and floor, no doubt. So if I suddenly type a scream, I've found another shard of it. So with beer on my mind, I went to order some Timmermans, only to discover that it's actually slightly cheaper to buy singles from my local Tesco of Timmermans Strawberry than to order from my usual online place. Disappointing! Still, the other flavours are only available online, so I'll doubtless make another order soon. I'm planning a barbecue, and you can't have a barbecue without beer. Unless you want to, of course. I don't believe there's any actual ordinance laid down in regard of beer and barbecues. In fact, I retract the remark in its entirety, milud, and ask that you instruct the jury to disregard it.

I'm not really sure how to continue or finish this, as my mind has gone a-wandering, picking daises-a-way-oh! Let's say I'm stopping here to go get a fan from the attic. I am going to get a fan, but that's just a manufactured reason. Darnit! Disregard again, jurors!

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