Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Klingons, moons and the BEF

Wilkommen, everyone! Today and yesterday I have been wandering a little off the beaten track of Trek. I had a headless Marine Scout who kept serving duty as a scale model, and I felt like painting something blue, so behold him in several pics below. He's got some really bold, appealing highlights in the flesh, er, plastic, but these zoomed-in pics make him look messier than he would on the table. I intend to remedy his Christopher Walken-esque deficiency in a few days, provided nothing else overtakes me. As well as that little blue man, I spotted some Renegade HMG crew hiding in the detritus of my desk as I cleared it yesterday. So I've pulled them out and given them a little attention. Also among the detritus was a Steel Legion Lascannon missing the two forearms of its tripod and a plastic Cadian HW Team tripod. The two don't match exactly, giving the gun an upward tilt. I rather like this, as it personalises the gun.

As well as that, I have begun work on some terrain for this Star Fleet game. Years and years and years ago I covered a gold ball in sand, intending to make a temple for it to chase Indy through. I never got further than painting it and Indy: the temple remains an idea. So I secured this with superglue and Greenstuff to a resin base I had lying about by means of a lance I bought for my BEF cavalry yonks ago. I never did get round to finishing said cavalry, but their lances are great for pinning things! I dug around the attic the other day, and turned up a load of old snooker balls. If you look just above the reflection of the flash, you should be able to discern a small hole. I took a GW base, drilled from a hole underneath, filled the hole underneath it with some GS, built a small mound of GS above, and planted the lance. Once it had dried I was able to superglue the snooker ball in place. It will receive similar treatment to that given to the golf ball, but in a different colour, I fancy.

Now for the main event. Four of my five Klingons are now varnished and ready. Behold them here with a Cadian chap for scale purposes. It is a little annoying how the flash washes out the detail. I might in a moment go back and hit them with a wash of something around the red coils. In the final picture the smallest Klingon vessel orbits a small moon, trying to reach the Cadian on the other side. I hope you like all this. I know I do!

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