Monday, 19 December 2011

Laser Destroyer

I have been dodging doing more work on my friend's tanks for one simple reason - trying to replicate that Leopard-esque turret which creates a shell-trap beneath the turret and deflects projectiles upwards (which is so distinctive of the Space Marine Predator, and which is used in the inspiration) is bloody daunting! I have a plan. I am just very wary of putting it into action. So instead here is something I decided to do as an excuse for not having worked on the turrets! I have vast swathes of things in "Bitz Boxes" as GW put it. In fact, I recently reorganised my smallest "Bitz", and they take up a couple of shelves of space on a bookcase now. Among this detritus was a spare hull, which has been sitting around for so long that half of its has the OOP IG wheels, and the other half was assembled when they had become OOP. As well as the hull, which I had recently added some Lego strengthening to, I had a gun made from a lengthened Russ barrel. I cut off a load of Russ muzzles years ago for my Basilisks, and this is one of those stubby middle bits, with some plasticard added to it.

Having got the fragments together I cut myself a 50mm wide strip of 0.5mm plasticard (to be trimmed as appropriate) and gathered unto myself my angled Lego bricks. As usual, a picture tells a thousand words. I have done quite a bit of detailing, and will try to finish it off tonight. My sleeping is still all over the show. I managed two hours last night, and then six this afternoon. I know it's bizarre: there's no need to tell me! I'm a little disappointed that my rear windscreen wiper broke - not the blade, but the actual blade-holding thingamajig. Now if one tries to activate it, the remnant screw twists forlornly and pathetically. I've taken it along to the garage, and they hope to have the replacement bit by tomorrow. From the factory, as they don't carry it themselves: which sounds alarming expensive! Anyway, enjoy some pictures.

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