Friday, 30 December 2011

A shack, a tower, a moon and a planet!

Per ardua ad astra, as they say! I was a bit over-eager with the grey moon here, and didn't allow the GS to set, so it came loose. I shall have to get some more GS or similar before I can fix that problem. I have given the Plumbing Planet a basic colour scheme, and dabbed on a lot of pale grey and white to represent cloud cover. It's outside now, its varnish drying. I also based and painted a wee shack for my Wild West set-up, which I will get back to properly in the New Year. Lastly, there is now a way up part of the Silo of Scotch. I need to base it now so I can knock up a similar ladder stretching up from the ground to the first walkway. I hope you like the pics, folks.

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