Sunday, 4 December 2011

Welcome to Terror!

A few years ago a very entertaining show came out, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Those of you who missed it at the time should look it up before continuing. For unrelated reasons I was looking for stuff on the Fortean Times forum - if you've read the last entry on this blog, you don't have to be a genius to work out that I was looking for uploaded episodes of Fortean TV. The discussion turned up the comic Garth Marenghi website, and  - even better! - the apparent inspiration: Shaun Hutson's website. I promise you that I have not adulterated this introductory babble one iota.

Introduction By Shaun Hutson

This is the one. It's official. This is the Shaun Hutson website. I know it's official because it's me, Shaun Hutson, telling you. You're on it, so stay on it. All the dirt, all the filth, all the blood and all the guts straight from the horses mouth. Stuff you couldn't read before because publishers banned it, stuff you couldn't imagine. Stuff that will make your hair curl, your jaw drop, your sides ache, your stomach churn and your bowels open.
This is everything you wanted (or even didn't want) to know about my books, my work, my thoughts and my ravings. All put together by that giant among men, Graeme Sayer.
Read on and enter the darkness.
Let's go.

Yes, that really is how this guys writes. "Pete, don't you yourself tend toward an over-abundance of exposition and long rambling asides that add nothing to the story you're trying to tell?" Yes, I do. But I'm not a published author. Perhaps I ought to be! I haven't heard of anything new from Dan Brown in ages. Meanwhile, on the Fortean theme I have uncovered an episode on Youtube. Watch and let me know what you think of the Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe. In the manner of Police Squad he always introduces himself as Father, while the captions proclaim him to be the Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe. Who knows why. I hope you enjoy this stuff!

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