Friday, 16 December 2011

#Snow is falling all around me#

Ducks are eating stale bread. Wait, that isn't the next line. But it is happening. It's the sheep in the next field I feel sorry for; the poor blighters have got snow settling atop their thick woolly coats. This snow has come down quite suddenly this morning, albeit in stop and starts. There was a flurry before I got up at 9.40, lightly coating the fields. That's the snow coating them. I didn't get up and put coats on the fields. Well, if I did, I don't remember it and I can't see any coats now. Under the snow. I drove off to the dentist's this morning, and could only keep the windscreen from misting up by turning the heater to maximum, putting the air-conditioning on and turning the blower to at least 3 (of a maximum of 4). I felt like a cooked dinner by the time I got there. So on my return I put on a scarf (which I drew up over my face like a muffler), a hat, buttoner my coat up tightly, then put on some nice, thick gloves. Then I opened the windows. My knees and a small part of my forearms got a bit cold, but it was a hell of a lot more comfy than the drive there.

Dad's just returned from church, and he's left his car up the road, where it's flat. We live on a hill, and the snow is pretty thick on the road even now, so he wants to be sure he can get out again! It seems this snow might dislocate all our plans. A long-standing family lunch planned for tomorrow will be difficult to have if the rest of the family cannot get here! Afterwards, I should be drivign to Wales for a friend's birthday, but if tomorrow's weather is like today's, I shall be unable to leave Congleton, much less reach Wales! Anyway, no use crying over milk which has yet to be spilt! Here's a shot of the poor wee sheep ten minutes ago.

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