Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pair of tanks: III

No hobby mojo for a few days, as these long-winded rambling posts probably revealed. But it's returned. I've done a fair bit of work tonight on those two tanks. I knocked up the drivers' hatches, then decided to make some louvred engines. Unusually for me, having done a spot of work, I decided it wasn't up to scratch, and replaced it. The individual slats (or is it panels?) of the whole clearly touched one another, and I wanted a slight gap between each. So I set to and made another couple of louvres, and am quite pleased with them now. The yellow and blue boxes you can see in the pictures below, which form the framework for the engine access hatch, are the predictable Lego pieces. They are some smallish windows. I cut some bits off them, then gave them some plasticard cladding. Everything used was 0.5mm or 0.25mm for the top bits. I added some handles to the engines, and then decided to knock up a ladder so chaps can access the ol' tank-a-ma-jig. The problem with these tiny drillbits is their fragility, so I have been unable to complete one ladder, and have not even begun the other. The incomplete one will, I hope resemble battle-damage. Enjoy the pics, folks!

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