Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Squadron complete: Long live the Federation!

And her surprisingly capitalist society. Reading the rulebook for the game one gets a sense of the very distinct differences between TNG's post-scarcity economy and the Star Fleet (as opposed to Starfleet, I suppose) Universe, which is explicitly capitalist and thus rather more sensible-seeming. I suppose someone might burn me in effigy for that remark, but it seems a common enough quibble about Roddenberry's utopia! Anyway, the five Star Fleet ships are now complete. I'm rather happy with them, though I could doubtless reprove myself for not mastering the art of painting names and numbers with a size 10/0 brush! I don't intend to, so enjoy the pictures. The ships are, in order, USS Drake, a wee frigate, USS Wales, an old light cruiser, the renowned USS Enterprise, the battlecruiser USS Kirov and the dreadnought USS Dominion. Lovely models, I say once again. Thanks to my friend who purchased me these for Christmas, and to the good folks at Mongoose who produce the line. On a related note, tomorrow I'm popping round to a friend's for a spot of that Artemis Bridge Simulator that I mentioned a few weeks back. Geeks ahoy, Captain! Enjoy the pics.

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