Monday, 16 April 2012

300th Post Spectacular: Space Alien Crusade Hulk Something!

I hereby unveil the secret project. If you guessed or deduced that I was working on some floor tiles so I could play some sort of Space Hulk-like game, then you guessed right! For the last several days I have been hard at work carving pieces of plastic and gluing other bits of plastic to them. I have dismantled a dead laptop. I have hacked up some mosquito netting. I have scored and snapped plasticard, and gone through about forty boxes of assorted things to find decorative doodahs. I have visited Halfords and bought grey primer, matte black and some Ford colour called Midnight Sky. On Saturday evening I went out for a Thai curry, but I admit that is not really relevant. The squares in the pieces below are about an inch and a half by an inch and a half (c.38 by 38mm), a size which will allow 28mm infantry and larger models to fit on each one happily. Small monsters will be ok, although large ones might have a spot of bother. My primary objective was to create a load of walkways/corridor floors, and after accomplishing that I got to work on some fripperies. I'm pretty happy with the wall, and the door is fairly nice. I doubt there will be many of those, as I'm short on Lego pieces. We'll see.


  1. seriously impressive work there. an project of this scale is a major undertaking so i hope you manage to stick with it - it will be worth it!

    cant wait for more.

  2. There isn't a picture of the curry.

  3. Wow, this is really looking great! Such nice detail

  4. Great work! I've a simile project in mind and am collecting gubbins with that in mind. The best thing i've found is the drip grids that they put pint glasses on when they go back on the shelves. Also for doors i've found the radiator corner protectors you get with new rads are just perfect for 28mm mini's to logically pass through and they look cool also. I'll get a couple of pics of them on my blog soon-ish there still in the boot as there great for stopping 11's of forsters from rolling around when i've been to the cash and carry LOL. I'm nicking the lego idea that's something i've got buckets full off.


  5. Cheers, everyone! Work continues. I have two doors undercoated now and another two under construction. I apologise for failing to photograph the curry. Next time, Gervan! :-D I've been thinking about a few bits and bobs, and have come up with the following. I need some 45 degree angles (just because I'm perverse) for the walkways, some weapon racks for the walls (luckily, I have lots of small and not-so-small arms), a fuel dump or two and some storage lockers. The last will fit easily onto a corridor piece, as I can just use Lego bits for the framework. Any ideas much appreciated!

    I'm sadly lacking in new radiators here, I have to admit. I'll have a shufti and see if we have some hiding somewhere. Yesterday I found twenty old VHS cassettes in a box that nobody has looked in for about eighteen years, so it's more than possible! Blitzspear, I look forward to seeing thy take on things. Lego is the greatest thing, I've found. It doesn't need buying, as everyone has some of it somewhere! :-D


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