Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Space Hunt: putting it all together

Here, ready for gaming, is everything I have so far got to a vaguely painted stage for my Aliens/Space Hulk/Crusade set of bits and bobs. There are a few more walls outside with paint drying, and several of these pieces need a lick of paint, as you can see! But it's all shaping up very nicely so far. I have re-undercoated a dozen or so Cadians in grey, and intend to use them as my Colonial Dudes doomed to get eaten or impregnated with horrifying alien nasties. With Prometheus coming out soon, I might even persuade a few of my non-wargamer mates to try their hands at this. I'm sure one or two must have played Space Hulk back in the day. I rounded up a few bits of scenery that seemed most fitting for the innards of a spaceship, and I have a few vehicles, if the setting turns out to be an overrun research lab. In a moment of madness last night I did order the tetralogy of Resident Evil films. Some halfwit coined the word "Quadrilogy" to describe the Aliens boxed set some years ago. It's sad that the richest companies can't afford to employ folks who can use the English language. With the double width corridors, one could actually drive the aforementioned vehicles (such as this one from Old Crow) down the middle! No photos of that today, though. I doubt I'll stick a wall on either side of a corridor, either, as it would make gameplay very annoying. They can sit on one side and he decorative. However, for this photoshoot, I shan't use that idea. Salivate over this, though, folks. I am most pleased. Salivate. Oh, there's also a bunny from next door's field. Salivate over him and I'll have to impregnate you with some unspeakable alien monstrosity to protect the bunny. Wait, that will just lead to an alien monster eating him/her. I need to rethink that plan! ;-)

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