Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Landing Pad Flowerpot

In the grim darkness of the war-torn future there is only recycling of common household goods to make funky scenery. I spotted a shallow plastic bowl in the back the other week, and thought it would be a great little thing to turn into a landing pad. I glued various bits of plastic to it, equalising the heights of the bits of floor. I think it would be good for an Arvus Lighter, and perhaps a Valkyrie-sized craft. I have got a partially finished Valk somewhere, but he's been hiding from me somewhere, so no comparison shots! I basecoated the whole thing, then applied a coat of Prussian Blue from a tube of artists' paints I have lying around. Then a few drybrushes of Boltgun Metal. I was dissatisfied at this point. It needed something more. People like to have an Aquila on the landing pad? Neah. Let's have an ancient and mysterious symbol that the citizens of the Imperium cannot recall the origins of. So I've applied that, and now need to do a bit of weathering, and will have finished it off for the time being. I intend to attach it to a bunker or some other larger building, so there will be a ramp to the field. Imperial soldiers and dignitaries won't have to scramble up an eight foot curved side to get onto their transports. Speaking of which, I can see Tau players being particularly fond of this landing pad, as the curves lend themselves well to that army's style. I should finish this off today, so pics of the final doodah tomorrow!

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