Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Space Thingummy

The pipe-lined walls are proceeding apace. The key to painting yellow appears to be to have half a dozen large bits of yellow that all need painting in succession. Happily, when you're building a whole bit of scenery, that's what you have! I have been applying Ford Midnight Sky to my model walls with both vim and vigour, so most bits are done now. I used Army Painter Red to get the red colour for the pipes, and have been applying yellows and blues over the other bits to fill in those colours. If I had a bright blue to hand, I would use it. I am at long last experiencing the sufferings of those who hate to use yellow. For years I've been saying, "Use Halford's yellow", which is fine for Dunkelgelb and so on, but isn't quite right for shiny, shiny stuff. Long-abandoned GW paints have been filling in here. On a more practical note, I cut a bit of plastic form a DVD case, and glued 0.25mm plasticard to either side. Having applied masking tape to the clear portions, I sprayed the whole, and the result is a wee scale door that's got two transparent slits. Nifty. If I say so myself. Anyway, these walls will soon be done. Enjoy the WIP and PIP stuff, folks!

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