Sunday, 22 April 2012

Icy Wastes: more terrain

While the walkways and walls continue apace, I am not idle on exterior terrain. After all, if one's going to be nervously checking one's six in a dark, abandoned complex, one has to have got in there in the first place. I already showed you the deserted lab in the desert, and now it has a frosted counterpart. I've been putting together a couple of buildings that when assembled can either do that sort of duty or be handy around the table in any snowy wargame. First up is a missile silo/communications post, which is mainly made out of polystyrene packing foam. I found a perfect piece a couple of years ago, and I have been closing in on finishing it lately. Second is a silo, which currently looks a little odd. I applied that no longer available Citadel red wash a bit too thickly atop Dwarf Bronze or something, and I'm going to have to claw it back somehow. Tomorrow I will be back to the walkways and walls, but for now, enjoy this interlude.

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