Thursday, 26 April 2012

Plasma Generator WIP: every starship needs one

Or else what would they pump round the ship in pipes? Searing hot plasma is the only thing for any self-respecting starship captain to have in his ship. First things first: this idea is not mine! It is from this excellent blog. It's the creation of a facsimile of the generator in the Dawn of War PC game. I haven't exactly copied it. Back in February I did try to download the template he put up, but my computer wasn't happy with it. Earlier tonight I suddenly thought I could do with a generator for my Space Hunt terrain, and so I have knocked up a reasonably similar version here. Most of the structure is made of foamcard. The pictures contain detailed measurements which should let you make one exactly like this. I have applied some cardboard onto the sides of the foamcard, and will apply a bit more, and some plasticard and so on before I'm done. The base of the generator itself is c.4.5" across, and the plasticard base that it sits on is 7.5" across. My Space Hunt walkways are 1.5" by 1.5", so I shall have a walkway running all the way round the generator. I intend to get this finished to painting readiness by tomorrow. I have also been doing some painting today or three more pipe walls for the game. They look pretty good. Here's what I've got done tonight on the generator front.


  1. Thanks for the nod Peter, can I ask why the .pdf didn't work, that way I can try and fix it. It was just a stop gap version until I did it proper, too many people were interested so I wanted to get it out so folk could play around. I think Turiya64 has his illuminated version nearly complete.

    I like your choice of neon rod, my gel filled BiC pens have somehow started to evaporate or something as the air bubbles I'd left seem to be getting bigger. Still if I turn it upside down for half an hour and then play with it right side up it's a neat effect to have your terrain actually move over the course of a game as the bubble floats back up to the top. I've also just filled a Prism Cannon crystal with yellow Johnson's Baby Shampoo but got a small piece of Blu-Tac which I was using as a sealant, floating in the centre of it, ha, ha!

    Keep on keeping on, good luck with your efforts.

  2. It's been a while, but dredging my memory, I must have had some sort of incompatibility with my printer. I asked it to print the PDF, and it did nothing for several minutes, then printed the first page, but missing the right-hand side for some reason. I had another go, but didn't get anywhere with that, either. It might have been a problem at my end, I really don't know.

    Thankee! I've had that blue rod lying about for a long while now, so just had to use it. I am quite tempted to follow your biro version if I make any more, though. I use the Original Source range of shower gels, and they have a load of very suitable colours in that, too: I rather like the idea of the liquid having an air bubble or two, as you say - it adds a nice visual kink to things!


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