Friday, 5 August 2011

General Store all but complete

The last post has the Ebay links in it. If you don't fancy a Baneblade company for £110 inc. postage, you're probably bonkers. There's other stuff. On to more important things, like the General Store. Am I the only one who has gradually come to think I must paint a model up as General Store, C.S.A. (ret.)? He probably won't run the store. That would be very slightly too silly. Maybe General Store should own the Saloon, while Mr Saloon should run the General Store. "Ahem. Shut up, Pete." Yes, right, er, I've finished the roof. It wasn't a travail. The roof framework of 2mm plasticard is 6" wide, so I cut some cardboard strips to a width of 6.5" and a height of 10mm. Then I snipped some lines (not quite all the way) through them with scissors. I glued them to the roof as you can see in the pictures below.

I also cut some bits of balsa wood to frame the windows and doors, as you can see. I am honestly uncertain where to take the windows right now. I have utter faith in my ability to come up with a fix for the doors. Yet when it comes to the windows I know that while I can come up with "glass", I am not quite sure if I can make up metal frames to hold it in place. I could use staples, but it would have been much easier to put them in place ere now. Yeah, so maybe shutters would be best. Or maybe I can manage something with "glass". Mm, I'll be thinking about this, dear readers. For now, please enjoy these pictures. I'm a bit lame when it comes to detailed one-post "how tos", but these quick-fire posts may serve a similar purpose. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel, Bat-fans!

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