Friday, 5 August 2011

General Store frame complete, and more blinking Ebay

I don't recall the last time I used blinking as an expletive. A while, I guess. I was going to finish off the general store today, watch the rest of Dark Skies, revel in this pretty new mobile they've sent me, but instead I get it in the neck from my brother for spending more than he thought I would last month. He is very uptight about money. So as well as the current Ebaying. I've accelerated my deployment of stuff to there. There's another home-made Leman Russ Annihilator, a funkily modified Basilisk with retractable rear ladder, 62 Steel Legion dudes (inc 7 officers/NCOs, 7 Special Weapons, 7 Heavy Weapons Teams), a Shadowsword with no side sponsons, a Shadowsword with double side sponsons and a company of three Baneblades (one without sponsons, one regular and one with double sponsons). Crazy Pete's Crazy Discount Tanks? Yeah. My main hope is I'll make enough money to shut him up for a bit. As those of you with siblings will know well: I love my brother, but sometimes grr!

Anyway, I've finished layering balsa over the internal walls. I need to do the windowframes and the doorframes next so I can get the building undercoated. I've decided to go for the saloon/hotel next, as I have a hankering to see what I can achieve in the way of carpet and multi-storey (my spellchecker would submit story, but I'm on the wrong continent to be using American spellings) buildings. I want to find a few sacks, stacks of wood and so on to drape around the interior of the store. It's coming along nicely, and I should get a lot done tomorrow. Hell, maybe even tonight! So I leave you with the images of it so far to enjoy. I'm going to go work on the roof for a little while. Er, the model's roof, not outside my house. I'm having a relaxing vodka and apple juice, so I definitely won't be going anywhere near any real roofs! Until next time, dear reader!

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