Sunday, 31 July 2011

Once more unto Ebay

I have still failed to win the lottery, so it's back to Ebay again to finance my deplorable habit of being present at friend's birthdays. I can't say I don't like being at friend's birthdays. Dan's last night was wonderful! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket so my chance of winning will increase! Until then, tanks for the memory. Stormblade above, and below a Hellhammer, an experiment with Griffons: one in green and the other in yellow, which will do better? Then there's a Chimera or Salamander, a Forgeworld Bombard, a wee Banewolf and a kitbashed Leman Russ Annihilator.
The Chimera-cum-Salamander and the green Griffon are newly completed. It's a lamentable thing to be completing things solely for them to go to Ebay. That said, if any of my readers like this work, and would like to commission me to make them a bespoke vehicle, please do drop me a line! Auf wiedersehen!

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