Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ebaying again

I'm getting rid of a wealth of things today. Let me reassure anyone who is worried that I must have got rid of everything, that I have not, and that I will still be collecting and making 40K stuff. I retain dozens of vehicles and over 200 hundred infantry. I'm just being compelled by force of circumstance to trim things a bit! I hope that reassures you! Anyway, here's what's gone up today. Given the kerfuffle I had with pictures last time, I'll append them after the list. FW Annihilator turret, modified Basilisk, FW Bombard, a pair of Chimeras, two FW Conqueror turrets, a modified Hellhound, two FW Eradicator turrets, a Salamander Command vehicle, a stretched Chimera, a towing vehicle, and wheeled transport/support vehicle, two Vanquisher turrets, a scratchbuilt/kitbashed Leman Russ and some Fantasy Reiksguard. Phew!

Right, my next post, I hope, will be on the precise dimensions for making the sides of the Sallies I was making the other day. I have most of the photos I need, and just need to arrange them properly. Until then, dear reader!

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