Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Ebay 2: once more unto the breach!

Yes, it's that sad time again, when beautiful things fly the roost for new homes. This model is a converted Chimera, one of the old models, with a Vulcan Mega-Bolter (left over from a Shadowsword kit) placed in a turret which can rotate. The gun swings up and down, so you can aim the thing and make machine gun noises as you fire it. :-D She's only been in the one battle, in which she did really badly, with one noteworthy turn of shooting netting a grand total of no hits whatsoever out of the fifteen dice rolled. Don't blame her, blame me. My rolling's notoriously dire! Anyway, she's gone up on Ebay as a vehicle either of experimental Adeptus Mechanicus design - hence all those red bits and AM/Ad Mech pieces, or as an alternative to a Hydra. If you fancy checking her out, she's listed here. I hope she goes to a home where the gamer's better at hitting stuff than I am! :-D

As well as her, I've also put up a Forgeworld Laser Destroyer which has had a coat of paint and some chipping applied, but isn't finished. That said, the starting price is half that of the model bought fresh from Forgeworld, so I flatter myself she's not a bad deal! Plus you don't have to fear the dreaded Forgeworld mould release agent of doom! Too many exclamation marks, Pete. Calm down. The Laser Destroyer can be found here. I've also put up another of my handmade Griffon mortars. The last one went well, but it was in a more traditional colour scheme. Let's see if yellow goes down so well as green did. She can be found here. Then there are a couple of part-painted kitbashed vehicles using some of Forgeworld's expanded range of vehicle designs: a Salamander Recon vehicle here and a Thunderer here. Lastly, a couple of oddities are on the menu. Who remembers those old single-pose plastics GW used to do? Yup, I've dug up from history 111 Dwarves and 99 Halberdiers.
 Neither compares to the range of poses available today, and it would be foolish to pretend otherwise. That said, you can get a whole army out of each of these things for a pittance compared to GW's current prices. In these times of economic annoyance, it's handy to be able to field five OOP units for the cost of one new one. Or maybe that's just me going mad! Anyway, enjoy some pictures, dear reader!


111 Dwarves:
99 Halberdiers:


Thunderer and Laser Destroyer:

Heaven knows why the formatting has gone crazy. I see no immediate fix for it. Maybe the models are taking their revenge by magically interfering with the PC. Maybe.

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