Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Joy of Lego

Well, at any rate, it's a handy material to use, if you're not quite sure about your right-angles and if you're running a little low on thicker plasticard. Since both of those apply to me, here's a set of vehicles I'm currently labouring on.

Things have ground to a temporary halt as far as regards gluing the Lego and the plasticard together. Polystyrene cement, excellent though it is, does not create a suitable bond. As I said before, I hope to get some superglue on Tuesday. Although given what's waiting for it, I may have exhausted it by Wednesday!

I think the set-up is pretty self-explanatory, but presumption makes fools of us all! I grabbed a load of Lego (or, as one says in America "a load of Legos"), and arranged them to form a six brick by twelve brick formation, then added height as appropriate. I've seen this done by many 40k modellers over the years. It has a side-benefit of giving the model a bit more heft than it otherwise would have. As you can see, I mean to make a total of five of these vehicles. I am unsure whether I should make them recce vehicles (Salamanders) or transport vehicles (uncovered Trojans). I'm sure I'll decide eventually. Suggestions welcome, as always! On another note the ebaying seems to be coming along quite nicely. I might get myself a nice bottle of Yamazaki out of these proceeds. ;-) For more details, do peruse this blog entry.

Um, oh, the sides of the vehicles above are 2mm plasticard, and the panels overlaid are from 0.5mm plasticard. The rivets are finely chopped (am I accidentally writing a recipe?) 1mm plasticard rod, again a widely-used method. I have a feeling I want to write more, but not quite now. So I may update this post or just make a new entry later on. Until then, sweet reader, I shall steal from the Bard, and say may flights of angels guard you! I actually only remember that because it's from the end of Rex Harrison's Doctor Doolittle. So my Shakespearian pretensions are exposed as naught! But the sentiment is sincere, see, sibilants aside. So long!


  1. Hey Pete,

    I really enjoy your scratch building series. Always wanted to try this but thought it way to complicated. Watching this might make me give it a go. Any chance you could let me have the dimensions of these templates?

  2. By all means! I shall run up an article full of measurements and post it in a day or two!


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