Monday, 27 June 2011


As promised, my ebaying has finally got under way. This wee beastie is a largely scratchbuilt affair, albeit with GW tank wheels and tracks, and some 1/35 stowage. It breaks my heart to have to get rid of her, but times are hard, and they're not so hard for me as for many others! If you fancy a look, she can be found here.

As well as her, I'm also having to sell off some of my IA books. Volume I looks positively tatty these days, so I shan't put it up. Who wants to buy something old and dog-eared? But these three are lovely specimens. I have to admit that I have written in Biro in Volume 5: Siege of Vraks Part 1 and in Imperial Armour Apocalypse. In the former I've corrected some of the horrible spelling and grammar. I didn't think I'd be selling them when I did so! I've left Volume 6 unmarked, though! Both the Vraks books will be shipped with their posters, although I think one has holes around the edges from small pins. I direct those of you with an interest to this address for Imperial Armour Apocalypse, to this address for Imperial Armour Volume 5: Siege of Vraks Part 1 and to this address for IA6: Siege of Vraks Part 2.

And on that note I'll close for now. I have a great many more vehicles to put up, but Ebay seems to have some jolly cheap Baneblades on it right now, and I fear that sort of competition! So I'll probably go with a few more of the sister vehicles of the Griffon above. Rest assured this won't make more than a dent in the total number of vehicles I have! Some day, job willing, I'll rebuild and go on to greater heights, but for now, I need to withdraw into my shell like a snail! Best wishes to you all, and my sympathies to anyone who is actually in a real financial plight at the minute!

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