Thursday, 23 June 2011

The end of a doomed dream

Purple prose again! I accepted earlier on that I need to get rid of a lot of my 40K stuff. I would rather not. In fact, it feels like selling books. Selling books is better than burning them, but not by enough. Likewise selling models is better than dropping 'em off a tall building, but not by much! However, the financial situation is such that I find m'self most regrettably impecunious, my dear fellow. Put it on my tab, won't you? Oh, I say!

So I shall have a little sleep, paint a bit of bathroom, and then I shall fling armsful of GW and FW products in the general direction of Ebay. What is it Farnsworth [cf. Futurama} says? "I suppose I could part with one [Doomsday Weapon] and still be feared." It will have to be more than one, I'm sorry to say. Unless, of course, everyone reading this feels so much sorrier for me than for starving and dispossessed people that you all suddenly shower me with undeserved wealth. Mm, unlikely! ;-)

I've probably two to four grand (Sterling) in IG stuff, and GW/FW's recent price increases will let me pretend I am making a profit on my original purchases, provided I ignore the existence of inflation! If I've demonstrated any ability in my life, it's to ignore financial repercussions, so with a little switching of goalposts (what's the American for this? Touch-down zones? Base-plates?), I can settle my head tidily.

Again, I'd rather not do this, and I have held off as long as I feel I can. But eventually I have just had to accept the inevitable. I've no damned money. I've no damned job. So to the market with my models and with whatever rulebooks look likely to turn a few pennies. I shall hold back the 40K rulebook proper for now, but I don't think Imperial Armour 5 does me much good. Actually, given the spelling, it probably just makes my blood pressure worse, unless I just use it as a picture book. Er, but you should buy it because it's, er, great. Have I dug myself out of that? Well, who buys a FW book expecting it to be legible? One's grateful that the staff have typed it out. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure I started correcting the English in one of those tomes. Mm. I had best discount that one a bit . . . because it contains better English scrawled in blue biro than the original typed trash. Oops!

Well, another post tomorrow when I stick stuff up on Ebay, folks. For now, au revoir!

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