Friday, 3 June 2011


I've been having some funny dreams lately. Last night I was back at my old university, and was so tired that I had fallen asleep in the road. Two friends from uni, Breccan and Sonia, then turned up and guided me back to the house I was living in. In the dream I was staying with all the friends I stayed with in my third (fourth?) year, but in a huge expansive home which encompassed a whole hall of residence. I remember a giant kitchen with shiny white tiles and metal sinks and fittings. I'm not at all sure what that was supposed to be about.

The previous night's was much clearer. It was also the most frustrating dream I've ever had! I was in my old uni town (evidently this is a recurring theme), and drove my car to a petrol station (which doesn't resemble either of Lampeter's real petrol stations). It was eccentrically designed in such a way that once one had driven in and filled up, one had to drive forward a bit more, then turn round, and try to get past the cars now filling up. I never got so far as attempting that. I don't recall filling up, either. I did go inside and try to pay, but I mistyped my PIN, tried to hit the cancel button and accidentally sent the machine doolally. The girl operating it was baffled, and asked me for help. Rather than displaying the cost of the petrol, or indeed anything useful, it now just showed a load of composite pictures. The pictures within the pictures, if you understand me, were of bees and other insects either living or dead depending on what had happened in the preceding picture. Yes.

Either this was solved, or I gave up in frustration. For some reason I had put on a thick coat from a bag at my side, and was sweating as a large queue built up to use the machine. Anyway, on leaving my car was gone. I walked around for several minutes, covering a mile or more (the time:distance ratio being a bit off!) and not finding it. I came back at length to the petrol station, which was now differently laid out, and had a street running along the back of it, where an employee insisted my car must be parked. I'd just spotted a red car when I woke up. I felt frustrated for a good few minutes after that! :-D

My unconscious was in this instance rather simple. I was at the bank last week, paying in Christian Aid money. I was wearing a coat (thin, though) on account of the rain, and began to sweat (when I awoke I was also overheated from having too many layers, so this was doubtless also a factor). A queue was building up, as paying in a mess of coins is always time-consuming! The walking in the dream parallels the walking I was doing during the delivery and collection phase. I suspect that the disappearance of the car and the problems paying for petrol relate directly to the fact that, having no job as yet, I had to say no when invited to Wales by friends this weekend. Brain shorthand: can't pay for petrol and have no use of a car. The location of Lampeter is doubtless because that's where I met my friends.

I'm not at all sure what the next night's dream was about. The Lampeter setting and the recurrence of the same friends as housemates suggests some sort of continuation. The shiny new kitchen might be a recycled Simpsons episode (in which Marge gets a new kitchen) or it might be me being annoyed about kitchenware. I gave up telling Dad not to stick my non-stick pans in the dishwasher a long time ago, and they are inevitably getting to be just stick pans these days. It's unfortunate that at the same time my pans become effectively useless that I have no money with which to replace them! I was far too hot this morning as well. I also realised that hayfever has returned. Cue itching and feeling half-dead for the next four or five hours. Yes, yes, doubtless you paragons of health aren't so crushed by flower-power as am I. ;-) I did have a list of things to get done, almost none of which have I accomplished as a result of aches, itches, pains, lethargy and dull-wittedness, all resultant from hayfever and overheating. Fewer bedclothes tonight will deal at least with part of the problem. Bit of a bother, weather in spring and summer. When it's sunny, I am oppressed by pollen. When it's rainy, I'm stuck indoors, as it is simultaneously too wet to go out without either a coat or an umbrella and it is too warm to wear a coat or tote an umbrella beyond the first five minutes of stretching one's legs.

Anyway, I mean to do more tomorrow! Er, given it's quarter past one, let's say today! Evening, all.

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