Friday, 8 July 2011

Salamanders surge onward!

All the Sallies have had their fighting compartments extended to admit the turrets. As you can see from the wonky turrets above, I have not yet drilled holes for them. Behold the perils of changing your mind halfway through a project, kids! ;-)

I don't have any wheels left after all my building of tanks, so I came up with a new wheeze. Unlike the GW models, my tracks don't flow round the hull, so I can't completely follow the wise example of a master modeller some of you may know of: Tinners is his online handle. He had the idea of just covering the tracks with mud, thus obviating the need for detailing. Good thinking! So I followed that as far as I could go, then needed curves at the corners as the track vanishes beneath the track guards. So I got some plasticard tube and cut myself some pieces from it, then wrapped 0.25mm thickness plasticard round them while watching Erasure videos on Youtube.

Ah, nostalgia! Then I glue the resultant pieces to the plasticard I have laid along the bottom of the track guards. Oh, and speaking of track guards, they're just 0.25mm plasticard, too. They'll be trimmed later to curve round the front. The exhausts, eagle-eyed watchers will have perceived, are from Baneblade kits. I prefer something chunkier for superheavies, but these things are - as someone pointed out - eminently satisfactory (can something be eminently satisfactory? Incredibly passable, ecstatically okay, mind-blowingly fine, mm, no.) for smaller vehicles.

Then I slide a ribbon of the 0.25mm thickness plasticard through the gap and link up the front and back "wheels". It would have been easier to do this if I'd not glued the track guards in place, but I'm a haphazard type!

I got as far as doing this to the above vehicle last night, and then retired to bed to have a good old sleep with Predator on in the background. Very relaxing film, that. "Gert to thee chopppah!" and similar Rainer Wolfcastle lines. :-D Anyway, I'm off to post another of those Ebay doodahs, payment having come in while I slept. Yesterday the Griffon went off to America, and Vraks 2 to Germany. Today Vraks 1 goes to Italy, and at some point (Monday, I expect) Imperial Armour: Apocalypse will head down to London. Fare you well, erstwhile possessions. You have served me well. Do your duty by your new masters as well! A last shot of the five Sallies now, and fare you well, gentle readers!

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