Friday, 29 July 2011

Giving in to the Dark Skies (sorry, Obi-Wan!)

Image hence.

I revel in bad puns, so expect no apology. You may recall the other week that one of the episodes I long ago recorded onto VHS was unwatchable. I wept and gnashed my teeth. My dentist tells me I shouldn't do that. Last night I resolved with sangfroid to let it pass me by. I would be as a rock in a stream. "Not breathing?" No, unbothered! Stop deliberately misunderstanding, you blackguard! I put aside the useless tape, and picked up the next one. It's useless too! It was always a problem with videos. Sometimes they'd just be dodgy, and then you were stuck with no sound or lines through the whole thing or something else designed to give you a migraine. We didn't have any of that fancy high-falutin' digital recording teck-know-low-ghee back in the '90s. Two episodes on that tape, so that's three I can't watch, plus a few I didn't record.

Bugger that for a game of soldiers. Er, no offence intended to wargamers or fans of anal sex, obviously. So in a moment of weakness I sent for the DVD. Knowledge will be mine in a few (business) days. The funny thing is that I mean to have a nostalgic weekend with some friends, contemporaries of mine, two of whom haven't heard of half the shows I remember, and quite possibly the others are just too shy of offending me to have mentioned it. My classmates at school did always say I watched too much TV. They may have been right.

Heh, of course they were. Nary a friend from school lived within miles of my house, so I just hung around indoors, getting fat, reading and watching TV. It's not too different today, except that I watch stuff on the PC as a rule. That said, I decided last week to watch an episode of Castle, since it contains Nathan Fillion, and was quite taken with it. So I'll be watching tonight's in a little under a quarter of an hour. The précis of tonight's episode is that some rich woman was murdered and then shoved inside her wall-safe.

Like the previous six, this victim was found folded neatly in place inside the glove compartment of a sanitation truck.

Am I about to watch an episode of a TV show based on a throw-away background gag from Hot Shots: Part Deux? Awesome! I'll let you know. Au revoir, mes amis!

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