Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sallies and barbed wire

#I was walking through the wire one day,# sang the Commissar merrily. His men all loved him for his whimsical sense of humour: a rare commodity in the grim darkness of the darkly grim future. Hm, I read the other day that there's a story combining Bertie Wooster with Cthulhu. Perhaps worthwhile mixing up with 40K as well. Perhaps. That reminds me: I got into a bit of a silly argument online the other day. "As opposed to those sensible arguments online which result in an exchange of valuable information, Pete?" Point taken! This one was about My Little Pony. It's time one accepts the fora one hangs about on are a bit weird when people start advising you to watch My Little Pony. The silly argument was because I have no intention of watching it, and see no reason to. This was taken rather irascibly by its adherents, who accused me of disparaging it by declaring I had no reason to watch it. People do get some funny ideas sometimes. In a spirit of inquiry, a mate watched it to see whether the claims that it had writing, plots, yadayada that appeal to adults as well as little girls had merit. His report: no. I think he used more colourful language. I understand the show has plenty of rainbows, so colourful language is somehow apt.

"Pete, your digression has nothing to do with 40K. Get back to what you've been up to." Oh, right, yes. I've attached plastic mesh to the staves, giving the impression of more barbed wire, as seen in the picture above (and some more below). Handy stuff that plastic mesh. You just need to cut it in such a way that it looks like it does in these pics, and it has a rather wiry look to it, viz.

I spent a few productive hours watching a spot of Firefly and finishing off the Sallies. As I've said before, the tracks will be coated with sand and filler later on, so don't think too much of their appearance. I grabbed a load of staples to provide the handles you can see everywhere. I snapped a drill, which was annoying. Happily, I have a few more of the tiny wee ones. Anyway, two hulls and all the turrets are drying outside, and the other three have had my last something or other wrapped round the hull weapons to provide dust covers. Anyway, behold. I hope to get them undercoated tomorrow and the main colours on them. I'm toying with Army Painter green, which is a good military colour. But I don't have a lot of it. I have plenty of a weird-looking "Jade" green, but that's because it doesn't look great on vehicles! You can see it on some scenery pieces back in the archives. I shall decide tomorrow. Rest assured I have already drawn up plans for the next motor pool. Farewell, you lovely people!

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