Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Five Salamanders a leaping!

The Sallies are coming along nicely. I've been penned inside by the weather today, so I've got a lot done. I picked out those 45-degree angle pieces, coated the hulls with plasticard, slapped some top hatches on the vehicles . . . and then decided I didn't want to mess about hand-crafting autocannon to be crew-served from the back. So instead I thought "Turrets!" Then I realised that the hatches I'd so carelessly placed restricted where I could place the turrets unacceptably. So I boxed in a further section over the left track guards, and stuck on a couple of turrets I had sitting around, viz:

I need to do a little more work to these so that the turrets sit nicely, and I have another three vehicles (including that at the top of this page), which need extensions to their fighting compartments. There's plenty of detailing needs doing, but these vehicles are coming along pretty swiftly, I think you'll agree. So I shall get back to doing that. Until next time, be well! :-)

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