Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wild West 3: General Store

The general store's walls are now pinned in place. I've been scribing sheets of balsa for the walls and floor. I'll probably pick up some glue tomorrow so I can start sticking the pieces together. The small unpainted chair you can see is from the Perrys' farmhouse. I need to get a spot more balsa of the right thickness for the rest of the walls. The roof will probably be 2mm thick plasticard, onto which I shall glue something to represent roof shingles. I came up with a list of buildings I want for a Wild West town last night before bed: General Store, Saloon/Hotel, Sheriff's Office/Jail, Blacksmith's, Stables, Homes, Schoolroom, Church, Corral, Railway Station. They aren't all necessary for initial games, of course. I've an old Playmobil train-set, which would be just grand. I may find my imagination a bit distracted today - Dark Skies finally arrived. I feel I should remark in passing that three of my contemporaries (at least) have no recollection whatsoever of its existence. Tsk, clearly doing too much homework, I told 'em. ;-) I hope this finds you well, reader!

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