Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wild West: a fundamental building

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I've been having a bit of a hankering for some Western terrain lately. A quick Google brought up this page, replete with resources such as this set of instructions for building a whole wee town. I decided I'd start with an outhouse: what could be more necessary for civilisation? The framework is foamcore, which I just secured with masking tape. I cut and superglued some textured plasticard to provide the walls. It wasn't quite textured enough, so I scratched it a bit and drilled a few holes. I meant them to be knot-holes, but I am left with Driller's Remorse. Holes in the walls of a toilet just remind me of all the, ah, vandalism perpetrated on public toilets these days. Let's say they're bullet holes, and that's why the chap who's just left the lavatory is about to shoot someone! Anyway, I carved out a space for the door, which you can see above is incomplete. I need to craft a handle and sort out some sort of hinge set-up.

The roof is mainly planks of balsa wood, bookended by a couple of bits of some stronger wood I have lying around. I think they once were coffee-stirrers acquired for me by a mate. Hidden by the planks is a layer of 0.5mm plasticard I inserted to give the planks something to hold on to. I ran out of PVA glue the other week, so basing is out of the question. I think my local DIY place is in receivership, so a pilgrimage to a more distant one beckons. I'll try to knock up some more bits and bobs afore I do. The miniature is not technically a cowboy, but a Copplestone Castings miniature of defunct line, I believe. Close enough! Right, back to wondering about that door. Until next time!

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